Statement from council leader on the need for urgent support for businesses affected by Covid regulation changes

picture of bev craig leader of the council

Statement from Manchester City Council Leader Bev Craig on the urgent need for financial support for businesses affected by the latest changes to Covid guidance.

Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council, said:

"We all understand the need for caution as the threat of the omnicron variant of the coronavirus looms this winter. 

"But if the government are going to ask people to think carefully about socialising and minimise mingling, there needs to be urgent support brought forward for the hospitality and other businesses which this will affect.

"It shouldn't be a choice between public health and the economy - there is a way to balance both.  

"It would be an exercise in futility if the funding which has gone into keeping businesses going throughout the pandemic proves pointless if businesses are allowed to fail at this point. 

“That’s why along with the other Greater Manchester council leaders and the Greater Manchester Mayor we’ve written to the Chancellor urging him to take action to provide support.”  

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