The area you live in

          Thinking about community safety, what three things do you think are good about the area you live or work in?
         What do you think would make your area safer? For example, more community groups, Neighbourhood Watch scheme (mention up to three things).
          What are the three most important issues you think should be tackled in your area? (Rate them 1 to 3, with 1 being the top priority).

    Safety and integration in your community

  Definitely   Maybe   No   Don't Know  
  Do you think there are adequate community groups in your area?        

  Do you think people from different ethnic backgrounds get on in your area?        


  Thinking about contributing to community safety in your area, which of the following applies to you?
           What three things could residents do to contribute to making Manchester a great place?

   Tackling the problems in your area

  The list below has some of the current priorities and some new issues. What do you think the Manchester Community Safety Strategy should focus on for 2018-2021? (Please tick all that apply)
  Definitely an issue Maybe an issue Not an issue Don't know
  Acquisitive crime (eg. car crime, burglary and robbery)

  Alcohol and drug related crime

  Antisocial behaviour

  Changing offender behaviour (e.g. working with offenders to prevent them from reoffending)

  Crime and antisocial behaviour

  Domestic abuse

  Hidden crime (eg. child sex exploitation, female genital mutilation, modern slavery)

  Protecting vulnerable people

  Tackling organised crime

  Tackling sexual violence

  Tackling terrorism

  Tackling youth violence

       About You                                                                                                                                                                                                


We would like to ask you some questions about yourself. These questions are optional. You do not have to answer, but in doing so you will be helping Manchester City Council to ensure that the views collected through the consultation represent the views of the resident population. All responses will remain confidential.  



  How long have you lived in your area?


  My gender is:
  Do you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth?
  My age is:
  I would describe my ethnic origin as:
  Do you consider yourself disabled?


  I would describe my sexuality as:
  Do you identify with any religion or belief?
  What is your relationship or status?
  Do you have caring responsibilities? If yes, please tick all that apply.

Thank you very much for your contribution.
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